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How To Make Unique’s

In a time where virtual popularity is prevalent, getting noticed in the sea of talented individuals on the World Wide Web can be a challenge. Thanks to the numerous apps that you can easily download straight to your mobile phones that can help you gain “online fans” to make your way in the online stardom. is an iOS and Android social media platform where users create unique and enjoyable short music videos. Users, popularly known as “musers”, can sing, dance, do comedy acts and even lip sync and share their videos to other musers.

The question is: how do you create cool videos? Here are tips you may want to take note of.

  • Choose your music wisely. It does not matter if it is a song, a popular advertising jingle, a movie dialogue or simple instrumentals that you want to use for your videos. The music which you will be using can make or break your virtual popularity. Choose a sound that will get the attention of many prospective “fans”. It can be a popular song, an upbeat music or a comical music background to tickle your followers’ funny bones.
  • Master various hand and body movements. Have you noticed the most common ingredient on the popular videos? Various and creative hand and body gestures. This is what makes these music videos enticing to their audience’s eyes. You can point a finger, shake your head, make numerous faces and you can even dance if you want to. The key is to entertain.
  • Familiarize yourself with’s interface. What is the best thing to do to be good with an app? Know it by heart. The more you know how to play around the application, the better videos you will have – and yes, the more video tricks you can learn and even create.
  • Watch other musers do their thing. Yes, you read it right. To get an idea that you can use for your videos, you need to know what others are doing. This will not just give you a clue on what is hot or not in the “ world”, it will also be a good chance for you to create and start your own “trend” and gain fans (fingers-crossed).
  • Practice makes perfect… and enjoy the process. What do you think the popular musers do to create their perfect videos? Practice is still the best ingredient in any kind of activity that you want to excel at. Trying different tricks and creating your own will give you the edge in the online entertainment. Also, have fun in creating your videos. The main reason why is created is to let people enjoy the world wide web. Create videos that will not just make you famous, create them while having fun too.

Online fame may or may not be an overnight process. With the level of technology that people are using now, it is pretty much easy and difficult to be popular at the same time. Knowing the tricks of the trade will get you the attention that you want but remember, in the entertainment business, entertaining is certainly a serious thing to do. So, grab your phone and be unique!