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How To Be Popular

Be Popular: How to Gain Video Likes and Attract Fans

Fans are the lifeblood of online popularity. Creating a account and sharing your short music videos are just two of the things to help you start your virtual popularity but attracting fans can be a little tricky. With numerous musers ( users) using the application and sharing countless videos each second of the world wide web day, how does a muser get “fans” and keep them?

Creative, enjoyable, and funny videos are just some of the ways to attract online fans and gain video likes. Here are some tips to increase your followers and keep them.

  • Be part of the hashtag movement. Adding popular hashtags on your videos will let you open the initial gate of online fame. How is this so? Easy. These hashtags are like IDs that when typed in the search box, they let other people find your posted videos. Popular hashtags are good starters, just make sure that your videos are entertaining and creative for your target audience. #PutThatHashtagOn
  • Join’s challenges and contests. Just like amateur singing contests and open mic nights, provides entertaining and fun challenges and contests to musers. By joining these “online competitions”, you can introduce your talent in creating original and enjoyable short music videos and gain fans in a speed of light. Show to your fellow musers how funny you are or how good you are at lip-syncing’s various songs in This is how you will get the attention of the million users in this social media platform.
  • Creativity is the key. Though you may get the hang of creating short music videos by following other musers or doing your favorite comedy acts or lip-sync techniques, being boring is something that you do not want to be. In the entertainment business, being unique and artistic are two of the important ingredients to become famous but you must be constantly unique and artistic too. Remember, you are not the only muser in the world. There are million other musers and you have to be different from them – regularly. This means you need to change and play around your tricks from time to time. Have fun with your videos – learn and create new strategies and techniques. Who knows? You may create an online trend and be popular in a matter of “hearts”.
  • Grab a friend and do duets. Creating a music video and being popular is good but is it not more fun to share it with a friend? Call one of your buddies and ask them to create ly videos with them. This will not just attract new followers; it will also give you and your friend something to “bond” with.

If you think public figures such as athletes and celebrities are the only people who can be popular, think again. With the numerous applications, such as, open for everyone to use, it is one step easier to gain virtual fame than before. With the right amount of creativity, dedication and confidence, you are on your way to get the attention of your future fans sending you countless hearts.