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With, you can create artistic, entertaining or even comical short music videos and share them to millions of musers ( users) online. So, you created your account and updated your profile information; but before you can create these creative and cool videos, you need to familiarize yourself with its video maker interface.

Let’s start by clicking the yellow plus button and let’s get artistic.

One of the most popular video types is lip syncing to your favorite songs. There are tons of songs available in the online library and you need to make sure that the music you will be using is entertaining and fun for you and your audience. In this part, it is best to choose a song with a catchy beat (i.e. an upbeat music) or a popular song to easily attract fans and gain hearts.

Can’t find what you’re “singing” for? You can add songs from your phone’s music library and you can even choose the exact 15-second excerpt you would like to use. Use search engines for a quick refresher on the lyrics of the songs that you are going to use for your next video.

Now let’s go to the “shooting mode” interface where musers can:

  • use the “scroll to trim music” button (the scissors logo) to cut or trim the songs from their phone’s library and use their preferred song part,
  • use the “reverse camera” button (the one with a recycling symbol) to toggle from main camera view or use the “selfie” mode,
  • set the 5-second timer where musers can start saving the video 5-seconds after clicking it, or
  • choose from different face filters to add animations to their videos.

The next step is to choose and adjust the speed of your video. In this part, you can choose between Epic, Slow, Normal, Fast or Time Lapse options. To give you an idea:

  • Epic: Plays the music in an extremely fast manner.
  • Slow: Plays the music a bit faster than its normal speed.
  • Normal: Plays the music in its normal speed
  • Fast: Plays the music a little slower than its normal speed.
  • Time Lapse: Plays the music extremely slow.

Though there are several speed options, all music will be played in normal speed once published. These options are only for the musers to use while creating or editing their musical.lys.

Post-production editing tools add the cherry on top of your videos.

  • Filters help you in choosing the brightness and let you alter the color, saturation and contrast of your videos for the mood you want to use in your videos.
  • Time Machine lets you play the video in reverse while the music plays normally.
  • Create a captivating caption and add hashtags to earn more hearts and gain fans.

These are just an overview on what you can do with’s features. The application provides endless possibilities in creating fun, entertaining, and original short music videos. Once you have covered everything, you are ready to publish and be known.