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Tips For Choosing Songs

Be In-Tune: Tips in Choosing the Songs for your Musical.lys is an iOS and Android social media platform that lets its users create and share cool short music videos and even comedy acts which can help an individual get internet fame. The music which you will be using for your musical.lys is vital if you want to win hearts and gain numerous fans in the social medial platform. With tons of songs that you can choose from’s online library, you need to make sure that the music which you are going to use with your videos will be entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

A lot of musers,’s users, usually choose songs that they are familiar with. This is the easiest way to choose a sound for your video since there is nothing better than a song that you can follow and sing to. Though this may seem easy, getting fans and earning hearts is not that simple. You need to have an idea on which music will be good for your online popularity.

Many popular musers choose songs that are “popular” and would be entertaining to listen to. Lip syncing videos are especially popular at The songs they use are usually the ones they can create various hand gestures and body movements or they can use different facial expressions for these musers to “sell” these videos to their audience.

Another tip in choosing the music for your musical.lys is to create a funny dialogue or sound clip where you can showcase your comical side. People tend to enjoy amusing and unique videos. The key is to be creative and show your own brand of humor without looking too needy for attention. Remember the internet does not want individuals who crave for attention; musers prefer videos that are entertaining and have that “wow effect” at the same time.

With more than 150 million musers using this addictive social media application, it is your creativity, uniqueness, and imagination that will separate you from other musers. The online entertainment world constantly changes, which is why you also need to regularly update your bag of tricks to continuously gain fans. By choosing the right music and combining it with original and entertaining body movements, dialogues – or even dance steps, you are one step away from your social network stardom

How Works


With, you can create artistic, entertaining or even comical short music videos and share them to millions of musers ( users) online. So, you created your account and updated your profile information; but before you can create these creative and cool videos, you need to familiarize yourself with its video maker interface.

Let’s start by clicking the yellow plus button and let’s get artistic.

One of the most popular video types is lip syncing to your favorite songs. There are tons of songs available in the online library and you need to make sure that the music you will be using is entertaining and fun for you and your audience. In this part, it is best to choose a song with a catchy beat (i.e. an upbeat music) or a popular song to easily attract fans and gain hearts.

Can’t find what you’re “singing” for? You can add songs from your phone’s music library and you can even choose the exact 15-second excerpt you would like to use. Use search engines for a quick refresher on the lyrics of the songs that you are going to use for your next video.

Now let’s go to the “shooting mode” interface where musers can:

  • use the “scroll to trim music” button (the scissors logo) to cut or trim the songs from their phone’s library and use their preferred song part,
  • use the “reverse camera” button (the one with a recycling symbol) to toggle from main camera view or use the “selfie” mode,
  • set the 5-second timer where musers can start saving the video 5-seconds after clicking it, or
  • choose from different face filters to add animations to their videos.

The next step is to choose and adjust the speed of your video. In this part, you can choose between Epic, Slow, Normal, Fast or Time Lapse options. To give you an idea:

  • Epic: Plays the music in an extremely fast manner.
  • Slow: Plays the music a bit faster than its normal speed.
  • Normal: Plays the music in its normal speed
  • Fast: Plays the music a little slower than its normal speed.
  • Time Lapse: Plays the music extremely slow.

Though there are several speed options, all music will be played in normal speed once published. These options are only for the musers to use while creating or editing their musical.lys.

Post-production editing tools add the cherry on top of your videos.

  • Filters help you in choosing the brightness and let you alter the color, saturation and contrast of your videos for the mood you want to use in your videos.
  • Time Machine lets you play the video in reverse while the music plays normally.
  • Create a captivating caption and add hashtags to earn more hearts and gain fans.

These are just an overview on what you can do with’s features. The application provides endless possibilities in creating fun, entertaining, and original short music videos. Once you have covered everything, you are ready to publish and be known.

How To Be Unique on

How To Make Unique’s

In a time where virtual popularity is prevalent, getting noticed in the sea of talented individuals on the World Wide Web can be a challenge. Thanks to the numerous apps that you can easily download straight to your mobile phones that can help you gain “online fans” to make your way in the online stardom. is an iOS and Android social media platform where users create unique and enjoyable short music videos. Users, popularly known as “musers”, can sing, dance, do comedy acts and even lip sync and share their videos to other musers.

The question is: how do you create cool videos? Here are tips you may want to take note of.

  • Choose your music wisely. It does not matter if it is a song, a popular advertising jingle, a movie dialogue or simple instrumentals that you want to use for your videos. The music which you will be using can make or break your virtual popularity. Choose a sound that will get the attention of many prospective “fans”. It can be a popular song, an upbeat music or a comical music background to tickle your followers’ funny bones.
  • Master various hand and body movements. Have you noticed the most common ingredient on the popular videos? Various and creative hand and body gestures. This is what makes these music videos enticing to their audience’s eyes. You can point a finger, shake your head, make numerous faces and you can even dance if you want to. The key is to entertain.
  • Familiarize yourself with’s interface. What is the best thing to do to be good with an app? Know it by heart. The more you know how to play around the application, the better videos you will have – and yes, the more video tricks you can learn and even create.
  • Watch other musers do their thing. Yes, you read it right. To get an idea that you can use for your videos, you need to know what others are doing. This will not just give you a clue on what is hot or not in the “ world”, it will also be a good chance for you to create and start your own “trend” and gain fans (fingers-crossed).
  • Practice makes perfect… and enjoy the process. What do you think the popular musers do to create their perfect videos? Practice is still the best ingredient in any kind of activity that you want to excel at. Trying different tricks and creating your own will give you the edge in the online entertainment. Also, have fun in creating your videos. The main reason why is created is to let people enjoy the world wide web. Create videos that will not just make you famous, create them while having fun too.

Online fame may or may not be an overnight process. With the level of technology that people are using now, it is pretty much easy and difficult to be popular at the same time. Knowing the tricks of the trade will get you the attention that you want but remember, in the entertainment business, entertaining is certainly a serious thing to do. So, grab your phone and be unique!






How To Become famous on

How To Be Popular

Be Popular: How to Gain Video Likes and Attract Fans

Fans are the lifeblood of online popularity. Creating a account and sharing your short music videos are just two of the things to help you start your virtual popularity but attracting fans can be a little tricky. With numerous musers ( users) using the application and sharing countless videos each second of the world wide web day, how does a muser get “fans” and keep them?

Creative, enjoyable, and funny videos are just some of the ways to attract online fans and gain video likes. Here are some tips to increase your followers and keep them.

  • Be part of the hashtag movement. Adding popular hashtags on your videos will let you open the initial gate of online fame. How is this so? Easy. These hashtags are like IDs that when typed in the search box, they let other people find your posted videos. Popular hashtags are good starters, just make sure that your videos are entertaining and creative for your target audience. #PutThatHashtagOn
  • Join’s challenges and contests. Just like amateur singing contests and open mic nights, provides entertaining and fun challenges and contests to musers. By joining these “online competitions”, you can introduce your talent in creating original and enjoyable short music videos and gain fans in a speed of light. Show to your fellow musers how funny you are or how good you are at lip-syncing’s various songs in This is how you will get the attention of the million users in this social media platform.
  • Creativity is the key. Though you may get the hang of creating short music videos by following other musers or doing your favorite comedy acts or lip-sync techniques, being boring is something that you do not want to be. In the entertainment business, being unique and artistic are two of the important ingredients to become famous but you must be constantly unique and artistic too. Remember, you are not the only muser in the world. There are million other musers and you have to be different from them – regularly. This means you need to change and play around your tricks from time to time. Have fun with your videos – learn and create new strategies and techniques. Who knows? You may create an online trend and be popular in a matter of “hearts”.
  • Grab a friend and do duets. Creating a music video and being popular is good but is it not more fun to share it with a friend? Call one of your buddies and ask them to create ly videos with them. This will not just attract new followers; it will also give you and your friend something to “bond” with.

If you think public figures such as athletes and celebrities are the only people who can be popular, think again. With the numerous applications, such as, open for everyone to use, it is one step easier to gain virtual fame than before. With the right amount of creativity, dedication and confidence, you are on your way to get the attention of your future fans sending you countless hearts.