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  • What is a Crown?

    It's the famous little crown icon on top of the profile picture. Crowns are usually given to well-known musers.

  • How to get a Crown on Musically?

    Normally this is very hard, but we have found a way to give it instantly and free. Just go to the top of this page to find out.

  • Will this make me famous?

    Probably, yes. Having a crown on proves that you're a real celebrity and other musers will follow you faster.

  • How many times can I generate a crown?

    You can generate one crown per profile (obviously). But you can generate as many as you want, for example: For your friends.

How to get a crown on Musically

It's not that easy to get a crown. Normally you would need a lot of fans, hearts, and fame to get a crown on your profile. But have you noticed that lately some more people are getting one, musers that are not even that famous? Well, they are using this website.

Just go to the top of the page, enter your username and click on 'Generate'.

Our systems will then generate a crown for your profile. After completing a few questions, you can click on another button to make it final. Your crown will now be added to your profile.

Crown Featured Musically

Brief explanation of what a crown is and how it can get you featured and famous.